"Abe" by Jade Sheldon


"Fitz" by Jade Sheldon


"Taylor W" by Jade Sheldon
A recommended stache for you today: Taylor W, member of the Austin Facial Hair Club, and a competitor and judge for numerous beard and mustache competitions!
Do you or someone you know have some fabulous facial hair for me to draw? Send photos to hellomonsieurmustache@gmail.com


"Roy" by Jade Sheldon


"Arthur" by Jade Sheldon


“Sam Merlotte” by Jade Sheldon
I am now a part of a weekly themed sketch group, Sketchery. When we decided that our theme for week one would be True Blood, I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate Monsieur Mustache in with it. I think Sam’s scruff is pretty iconic!


"Jeffrey" by Jade Sheldon
I have a famous stache for you today! Jeffrey Moustache ran across “Monsieur Mustache and messaged me asking if I would draw his portrait. He is one of Beard Team USA’s traveling competitors and was in the running for the best “English” Moustache in the world this year at the World Beard and Mustache Championships in Trondheim, Norway. He took home the silver medal. How cool is that!?


"Micah" by Jade Sheldon
Here is another recommended stache! Thanks Micah! I hope you enjoy how it turned out. 
Do you or someone you know have awesome facial hair that should be drawn and featured on Monsieur Mustache? Send photographs to hellomonsieurmustache@gmail.com


"Kenneth" by Jade Sheldon


"James" by Jade Sheldon


"Teddy" by Jade Sheldon


“BT" by Jade Sheldon
When I started Monsieur Mustache, I knew I would have to create a portrait of my friend and former classmate, artist BT Livermore. He is even an owner/creator of “Man’s Face Stuff,” a mustache wax company!


"Benjamin" by Jade Sheldon